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We at Delhi World Public School School, Patna are committed to provide world class educational framework to the students. As Delhi World Public School School, Patna is a ‘Dipsites Knowledge initiative’, we would endeavour to produce thinkers,innovators, researchers, and in true sense. Delhi World Public School School aims to instil in each child a sense of inquisitiveness and exploration, and an urge for experimentation, observation and synthesis. We endeavour to free the learning process from the confines of the four walls of classrooms and take it further to activity workshops, resource centres, laboratories and library, teaching less for learning more. Every child is encouraged to inculcate the values of citizenry; a commitment to good health, high values and sensitivity to the environment. We strive to guide and support each child in the journey from primary to senior school and prepare them for the world beyond school.
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Message From Co-Chairperson

Louise Khurshid Co-Chair Person, Delhi World Public School.

Our Indian standard of education is excellent. Our students are amongst thebest in the world. They score high on marks to the extent of securing even 100% in English! But can we truly say that our children are well rounded? Not just masters of marks but also fluent in languages, communication and general knowledge? Have they developed a team spirit and qualities of leadership - which participation in sports ensures?

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Admission is going on for Session 2023-24
Posted Feb 2023 by Administrator, Delhi World Public School